Convert mobile traffic into cash

  • - Mobile Redirect: We give you a piece of javascript code that will redirect your MOBILE surfers directly to an Advertiser Landing page. For advanced traders we also offer a redirect solution that even has an API.

  • - Mobile Banner Traffic: When a publisher has an existing mobile site like you can buy the banner clicks from these sites.

  • - Whitelabel Tubesite: We custom build a mobile tube site for you complete with legal, hosted videos, and banner zones. We sell and manage all of the ads via banner clicks. You retain your mobile bookmarkers, and traffic.


We provide you access to our admin interface, from there you will be able to see your daily traffic, revenue and country statistics. The stats are 1 hour delayed.

Rates & Delivery

You always get paid what the current highest paying advertiser is willing to pay - the market situation changes daily, but countries which are high in demand will always give you a very high payout due to the competition. We have the industries highest revenue share - 75%. For large amounts of volume, after running a few-day test with your traffic we are however also willing to buy it for a flat price from you.

Affiliate Program

Refer us a publisher and we will pay you 5% commission for a lifetime. To do so, please get the publisher to signup with us and make sure he enters your contact in the 'Referred by' field during signup.

Payment Terms

Payments are made 30 days after the end of the month in which the revenue was earned. Payment will be made via Paypal or Wire Transfer ($30 fee). will pay Publisher 75% of the gross revenues it earns from advertisers who display ads on Publishers' site(s) unless otherwise specified. The term "gross revenues" is defined as monies actually collected by from advertisers, less fees paid to any third parties who provided identity, profiling, targeting, or similar enhancement data, and less any charge-backs or refunds to the advertisers. reserves the right to only pay a Publisher when itself has been paid by the Advertiser. All payments will be made in US Dollars (USD). Each payment will include a detailed accounting of the number of impressions, clicks and the total receipts for that advertiser. No payments of less than $100.00 will be made: any unpaid earnings less than $100 will rollover to the next pay period and payment will be made when balance reaches at least $100. will not pay or compensate Publishers in any way for any impressions or clicks that have been deemed by to be invalid or fraudulent. In the event that the Publisher has already received payment for invalid impressions or clicks, reserves the right to seek credit or remedy from future earnings or to demand reimbursement from Publisher. will not pay or compensate Publishers in any way for any impressions or clicks if the Publisher account has been terminated due to low activity or no activity. reserves the right to withhold payment and terminate any Publisher that includes, promotes, or exhibits, questionable content at anytime.

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